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New groups and hall in August 2024!

What is HEMA?

H.E.M.A. — Historical European Martial Arts.

Short version: Learn how to fight with swords, like medieval and renaissance people did. Apply this skill with your friends and other enthusiasts in safe modern equipment. Get better physically and mentally.

Learn, fight, repeat!

Since August, we move to Praha-Holešovice!

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Long version: The HEMA movement is a magnificent fusion of amateur fencing, sports, historical research, and weapon theory, including the practical application of using swords to fight opponents.

Despite being relatively unknown, numerous European countries developed sophisticated systems for weapons, fencing, and hand-to-hand combat in various scenarios, such as in armor and without, on foot and horseback, on the battlefield, in the streets, and even in court. As a result, many fencing schools emerged, competing with each other, some of which became widely recognized for their effectiveness. The HEMA movement now focuses on studying and preserving the techniques of these skilled masters.

Nowadays, thousands of enthusiasts worldwide study ancient manuscripts, fencing books, and scrolls to learn about the fighting techniques used with various weapons. These sources are translated into modern languages and carefully analyzed to obtain a theoretical understanding of the fencing concepts, which are then practiced through weapons exercises and tested in training, sparring, and tournaments.

Originating in archives and libraries as a theoretical discipline and the subject of study for historians, the HEMA movement has since grown into a global hobby for amateur fencing enthusiasts, attracting renowned scholars and participants from Europe, the USA, and Czechia. It has even become a national sport in some countries, with international federations and leagues uniting thousands of people.

Join us to discover the fascinating world of HEMA and to partake in its study, training, practice, and wellness activities!

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How our Routine look like?

How our trainings look like?

Our training program

HEMA fencers (noobs)

Our club is open to everyone, even those who have never trained before. Our HEMA Entry course is specifically designed to help beginners to get started in the world of Historical European Martial Arts. During this two-month course, we will provide you with top-quality equipment, including a sword, mask, jacket, and plastic protectors from leading world brands.

Our experienced instructors will help you regain your mobility, rejuvenate your fitness levels, and improve your coordination. We understand that starting a new physical activity can be daunting, but we will guide you through the process carefully and at a pace that is comfortable for you.

Through HEMA, we aim to inspire movement, build social connections, and have fun. We believe that the Sword is an excellent tool to help achieve these goals, and it can become a foundation for constant motivation and self-improvement.

Join us to discover the fascinating world of Historical European Martial Arts and find a place for the Sword in your modern lifestyle. We invite you to embark on a journey that will not only improve your physical well-being but also promote overall wellness and personal growth.

HEMA fencers (pro)

Are you hungry for more? Do you want to take your fighting skills and fitness levels to the next level? Do you have a burning desire to challenge yourself and push beyond your limits? We understand you, and we're here to help.

Our regular and advanced HEMA courses are designed to help you become stronger, faster, and more agile than ever before. Through our training program, you'll have the opportunity to challenge yourself in sparring and tournaments, pushing your limits and honing your skills in a friendly yet competitive environment.

At our club, you'll have the chance to train with like-minded individuals, building lasting connections and friendships with fellow enthusiasts from around the world. You'll have the opportunity to grow as a fencer, constantly improving your technique and sharpening your skills through friendly competition.

So, what are you waiting for? Join us today and take your training to the next level. And, if you're new to longsword fencing under the tradition of Johannes Liechtenauer, we strongly encourage you to start with our HEMA Entry course to get the foundational knowledge you need to succeed.

Our courses

HEMA Entry Longsword 16+

Discover Historical Fencing!

Two months, 16 sessions. Twice per week course for people who would like to try out HEMA for themselves.

Designed for beginners to discover the phenomena of historical fencing.

Regular Trainings

Fight and get Fit!

Three times per week, for people who want to train continuously and develop themselves.

Historical Fencing For Kids 13+

Every Tuesday and Thursday at 16:30

Fun way to improve coordination, fitness and socialization under a professional teacher's observation.

HEMA MorningLanguage: EnglishVladislav Tovt
HEMA MorningLanguage: EnglishVladislav Tovt
Regular FNew group, three times per weekAdam Prochaska
Entry DAYLanguage: English/CzechNikolai Leushin
Entry DAYLanguage: English/CzechNikolai Leushin
Regular CThree times per weekAlexander Stankevich
Open Fights Everyone is welcome! Please, contact us before visitng.
HEMA Kids 13+Language: Czech/EnglishNikolai Leushin
HEMA Kids 13+Language: Czech/EnglishNikolai Leushin
Entry 10, starts August 12th!Language: English
Entry 10, starts August 12th!Language: English
Regular CLanguage: English/CzechAlexander Stankevich
Regular CLanguage: English/CzechAlexander Stankevich
Regular ALanguage: EnglishMatvey Sakharov
Regular ALanguage: EnglishMatvey Sakharov
Regular AThree times per week in EnglishMatvey Sakharov
Regular FLanguage: English/CzechAdam Prochaska
Regular FLanguage: English/CzechAdam Prochaska
Entry 11, starts August 13th!Language: English/Czech
Entry 11, starts August 13th!Suitable for beginners in HEMA
Regular ELanguage: English/CzechPavel Grussmann
Regular ELanguage: English/CzechPavel Grussmann
Regular ENew group, three times per weekPavel Grussmann

Who We Are

Alexander Stankevich



Over 12 years of experience, peaked at top 5 in world longsword HEMA-ratings. Businessman and administrator. Director of Kvetun Armoury and HEMAGON.

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Czech (Conversational), English (Fluent), Russian (Native)

Matvey Sakharov

MUDr. MatveySakharov


Life-long fencer, Olympic épée national competitor, HEMA advanced, footwork machine.

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Czech (Basic), English (Conversational), Ukrainian (Native), Russian (Bilingual)

Nikolai Leushin

Mgr. NikolaiLeushin


Over 20 years of experience in physical training, HEMA and Artistic Fencing. A Teacher by his education and passion.

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English (Fluent), Czech (Advanced), Russian (Native)


Trial LessonAttend on training session, try yourself
Entry CourseTwo-month program. 16 sessions. Two times per week. Equipment fully provided.
Monthly TrainingLongsword. 3 times per week. Equipment fully provided.
Personal TrainingIndividual training session with selected instructor

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